About Us

Fraxin Distribution Ltd are a supplier of Herbal Extracts . We also supply mixing agents for the preparation of herbal remedies by herbal practitioners. 

All of our products have been independently tested for efficacy related to the statements made on each extract, but do not constitute finished or whole products, and we make no claims about the outcome of using any of our products in a herbal treatment. Our role has been to review existing literature to bring herbal extracts to the market that may offer certain results based on said literature. This literature is not the work of Fraxin LLC or any of its subsidiaries and as such we make no claim to its accuracy.

All of the products we sell are grown and extracted under the DaoDi Method, are 100% non-sulphur treated and come with validated certificates of analysis against the EU quantification limits for: 


Heavy Metals 

Pesticide Residues 

Microbial Tests 

Any practitioner who uses our products on a client must only do so in accordance with section 12(1) of the Medicines Act 1986. Likewise any practitioner must possess the prerequisite skill and knowledge set as outline din our terms of service.