Fraxin™ Anti-Wrinkle Ingredients

Fraxin™ Anti-Wrinkle Is Made Up of 2 Wholly Herbal, Plant Derived Ingredients. All of Which have been proven by independent research to deliver Anti-Wrinkle Effects. 

Toosendanin- 99.8% Purity by HPLC. Toosendanin is Extracted From the Bark of The Melia Species. Melia is Derived From the Greek Word Fraxinus Ornus Which Describes a Similar Tree to the Melia Toosendan. Toosendanin Displays Many Similar Characteristics of Botulinum Toxin, Including the Interfering With Neurotrasmitter Release and the Subsequent Blocking of the Synaptic Transmission at Both The Neuromuscular Junction and the Central Synapses. It is This Process That Causes the Underlying Muscular Paralysis. Note Toosendanin has no known side effects in the volume per vial.

Spilanthol- Spilanthol is a Fatty Acid Amide That is Isolated From the Alcmella Oleracea Flower (Paracress). The Extract is Well Known For It's Local Anaesthetic Properties and It Is These Properties That Deliver an Instant Anti-Wrinkle/Hyperhidrosis Effect Upon Delivery.  


Each Vial of Fraxin™ Anti-Wrinkle contains 200mg of Spilanthol Extract and 0.2mg of Toosendanin in powder form. Torbac or Saline Needs to be Added to Create the Delivery State and This is Only To be recommended for Anti Wrinkle Effects as a Herbal Remedy, Assembled on Site and Following a One to One Consultation. 




Fraxin makes no medical claims regarding the product, nor is it intended for medical use. 

This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.