Fraxin™ VL/VLN Classification

Fraxin™ Cupid Contains 2 Vials

The first vial contains A PEG/Ha Powder, delivered from traditional sources via traditional methods. 

The second vial contains a phosphate buffered solution. 

Following a face to face consultation with a client, a qualified practitioner can choose to mix the vials to create the "delivery state". 

The content of the products and the mixing in front of a client gives Fraxin™ VL/VLN a classification of "herbal" in both the UK, EU and US. 

Following this methodology makes the product exempt from the medicines act of 1968 under section 12.1. 

Fraxin™ "Feather" and "Q" are white label variants of the Erelle brand which obtained CE Certification via ISS Italy.