22.07.2020- Announcement of the Fraxin™ "Promise". We will offer your client a full refund on any qualifying treatment if they are unhappy with the results of any Fraxin™ product.


21.07.2020- Changes announced to the Fraxin™ anti-wrinkle product including a new cross-linking agent.


22.06.2020- Fraxin™ UK have been named as a winner in the Global Health and Pharmacy Awards, winning 1st place in the "aesthetics manufacturer" category.


01.03.2020- Fraxin™ UK have been named as a winner at the 2020 Health, Beauty and Wellness awards. Winning 1st place in the Health Products Manufacturer Category.


27.10.2019- Fraxin LLC are proud to announce the release of Fraxin™ VMA Fat Loss. A red algae based topical gel, used alongside derma pen, micro needle, derma stamp or Hyaluron pen. Proven to reduce SAT pockets by up to 60% over 4 weeks.



08.09.2019- For clarification purposes, Fraxin™ does not require a prescription to obtain. Those wanting to use Fraxin™ will need to undertake a training course specifically in the use of Fraxin™ either as a conversion (for those with experience) or a standalone course for those with no experience. Fraxin™ outsources all training to approved providers



08.09.2019- Following consultation with a number of groups, Fraxin™ has been determined to be a herbal remedy (as it is extracted through traditional methods and entirely plant derived) and not a medical device or medicine. it is exempt from legislation (Medicines Act 1968 12.1) on the basis that it is prepared at the location of the administration and follows a face to face consultation. To comply with this, Fraxin™ will now be distributed in its component parts, as opposed to as a pre-mixed solution. Practitioners will be required to add 1.9ml of saline or distilled water to create the delivery solution. The solution can also be used as a Meso cocktail or with a derma pen/stamp. No ingredients within Fraxin™ are on the MHRA's banned or restricted plant/herb lists.



07.09.2019- As expected, Fraxin™ became the subject of intense focus from groups who stood to lose, financially from the introduction of Fraxin™ as a non-prescription, cost effective alternative to Botulinum Toxin products. This pressure from Medical Practitioners and Prescribers led to the involvement of MHRA. 

MHRA subsequently took the decision to prohibit the sale of Fraxin™ as an injectable until they had determined if the product should be classified as a "Medicinal" product as opposed to its current classification as a "Medical Device". 

We at Fraxin found this an odd decision given that neither Spilanthol (Paracress) or Toosendanin (Melia) appear on the list of Banned/Restricted Herbal Ingredients 

The decision appears to be to determine if Fraxin™ falls under the second limb of the classification of Medicinal Products in "restoring, correcting or modifying physiological functions by exerting a pharmacological influence". At Fraxin we do not consider the release of acetylcholine to be a physiological function, however the interpretation is at the determination of MHRA.