Fraxin Approved Training & Insurance Providers

If a Qualified Practitioner has 2 years or more experience in an administering method they are good to use any of our products without the need of additional training (we still recommend Fraxin Approved training but we do not enforce) but the practitioner MUST have insurance to cover Fraxin Products.

If the Practitioner has less than 2 years experience in an administering method then we HIGHLY recommend (but do not enforce) a Fraxin Approved Training Course and the practitioner must be insured to cover Fraxin Products.
If you are not a qualified Pratitioner in an administering method then you MUST do a Fraxin Approved Training Course and get insurance.
It is your responsibility to ensure that you are experienced, qualified and insured to use Fraxin Products.

Approved Insurance Providers

UK & Ireland - Finch Group, follow the link below for all UK & Ireland insurance enquires and quotes...

UK & Ireland- Cathedral Insurance 

UK & Ireland- Insync

Current Training Providers  

We only approve a single training provider per region to ensure compliance with our practices, this is for both conversion and introduction courses.  

Some of our Approved Training Providers offer conversion courses which may be of interest to you.

Advanced Aesthetics Academy- 07870 677264 South Yorkshire, South Wales

Jamie Greenwood- 07787 333817 - East Anglia & Buckinghamshire 

Avalon Training Academy- 02890946071- Northern Ireland 

The Therapy Rooms- 01349 883713 Canary Wharf (London), Essex, Somerset, Kent, Norfolk & Scotland 

Aesthetic Beauty UK- 07850897738 North Yorkshire, East Yorkshire, West Yorkshire, Wales, North East

Belle Visage- Bolton, Manchester & Ireland- 07741005936 belle

DB Beauty Academy- Manchester- 07506471550  

Eye Candy- Tameside- 07436008405 

Please contact if you are looking to train within the midlands (Stoke to Bristol) corridor.