Why Fraxin™ Anti-Wrinkle

For Many Years Botulinum Toxin Based Products Have Dominated the  Anti-Wrinkle  Markets .

The Issue As We Saw It Wasn't In the Actual Effect of the Product, It Was About The Composition (Are You Really Ok With Injecting Poison Into Your Skin?) and In What It Didn't Do (Surely You Would Like a Product That is Near Instant In Its Effect, Increases Moisture & Collagen Within the Wrinkle and Doesn't Cause Inflammation?).  

So We Went In To Our Lab and Began Researching and Blending Different Natural (Herbal) Compounds To Try and Develop a Product That Was: 

  • 100% Herbal
  • Delivered Anti Wrinkle Effects Instantly Through Paralysis 

After 18 Months We Had Settled On Fraxin™ Anti-Wrinkle. A Product Made Up Of 

Toosendanin and Spilanthol.

We independently tested each of these products for their toxicity and their anti-wrinkle potential as well as their potential for contraindications when mixed.




Fraxin makes no medical claims regarding the product, nor is it intended for medical use. 

Any statements are not validated by the FDA