Why Fraxin™ MC 400mg

Fraxin™ MC 400mg is designed to give additional size to muscle groups. It is ideal for those seeking quick size gains in conjunction with an exercise plan. 

Currently the only way to deliver quick size gains is via the (illegal) anabolic steroid route, or via fat transfer surgery. Whilst we fully support a strong diet and exercise plan, and Fraxin™ MC should always be used in conjunction with these, there are occasions when you just need some size, quickly.  

Fraxin™ MC is administered over an 8-12 week period and the size gains should be retained for 12-18 months providing the initial 8-12 week phase is adhered to. 

How Does it Work? 

Fraxin™ MC has a single active ingredient- Tu-Chung Bark Extract. Tu-Chung Bark Extract is known as a highly potent alternative to cross linked Hyaluronic Acid and when suspended in an aqueous solution it will be able to flood through the targeted muscle group. 

We use Marine Brown Algae Extract and Cetearyl alcohol (Coconut derived) along with sterile water (mixed by the practitioner) to create the aqueous suspension solution.  

When applied to the muscle group, the solution will flood the area and allow the Tu Chung extract to bind to the muscle fibres. Just like Hyaluronic Acid, Tu Chung extract can hold thousands of times its own weight in fluid. This allows more fluid uptake in to the targeted area and thus the growth. 

This fluid increase also facilitates the arrival of more blood in to the area, which in turn delivers more nutrients and long term muscular growth. 

Results can normally be seen within 2-5 days. 

Results delivered over an 8-12 week period depend upon the size of the targeted muscle group, however studies have shown increases of between 2 and 4 inches on biceps and triceps.