Why Fraxin™ VMA Fat Loss

Fraxin™ VMA Fat Loss is an entirely natural, vegan and halal friendly, topical agent to be used by aesthetics practitioners who are seeking to reduce Subcutaneous Adipose Tissue (SAT) in their clients. SAT is colloquially known as "fat pockets"

Testing has shown a reduction of up to 60% in SAT via the alteration of lipid metabolism and fat deposits. 

Made from Agar (Purple-Red Algae Extract), the product is used with minimally invasive procedures such as derma stamping, micro needling, Hyaluron pen and derma pen. This ensures zero down time with all the results of injection based SAT reducers (Aqualyx and Kybella). 

Fraxin™ VMA Fat Loss does not cause increased urination or alter the cholesterol state of the candidate. 

Please find all relative research relating to the use of Intracutaneous Agar as a method for reducing SAT. 

Note- Fraxin™ VMA Fat Loss will not reduce weight.