Fraxin™ 100 units
Fraxin™ 100 units

Fraxin™ 100 units

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Fraxin™ 100units Herbal Remedy Anti-Wrinkle  is Quite Simply an Aesthetics Revelation. 

Containing All Natural Ingredients: 

99.8% Pure Toosendanin-  Anti-Wrinkle Effect. Working on the Same Principle as Botulinum Toxins With Nerve Ending/Muscle Paralysis. Toosendanin is Extracted From the Bark of the Melia Tree Species. 

Spilanthol- Derived From the Paracress Flower, 98% purity 1:100 Paracress Flower extraction. Delivers an Immediate Anti-Wrinkle Effect Through Nerve Ending Paralysis. This Compliments the Longer Term Effect of the Toosendanin. 


This Combination of Ingredients Can Deliver an Anti-Wrinkle Effect Based on the Same Scientific Principles of Botulinum Toxin. 

Each 100units  Single Use Vial Delivers 100 Treatment Units (As Equivalent to Treatment Units of Botulinum Toxin Products) when mixed with 1.9ml of distilled water or saline. 

For use with Derma Pen, Derma Roller, Derma Stamp, Microneedle Serum, Meso Cocktail or Hydra Stamp.  

Each 100unit Vial of Fraxin™ Contains 200mg of Spilanthol and 0.200mg Toosendanin, 

The product should be mixed with distilled water on site and delivered as a herbal remedy, post consultation. 

Fraxin™ arrives in powder form.